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Our Mission

Too many agencies exist, and there are not enough strategic partners. The client-agency relationship model is outdated and ineffective. There’s a better way.

Dash Media Marketing was founded on the principle of putting the client first. We are a strategic partner that cares about our clients' bottom line, focusing on results instead of scope increases. When you win, we win.

It’s true. If you’re great at what you do, you'll like to evaluate your progress and results. That's why our team prides ourselves on our reporting process and are constantly working to ensure that your goals are aligned with our work and the results we produce.

It Starts With A Partnership

We insist that you approach your partnership with us with a partnership mindset. This means transparency and integrity on both sides, trust built from day one of our work together, and a commitment to honesty, open communication, and candor—all things you don’t typically see in the world of agencies.


A joint commitment to improving our relationship leads to the best possible outcome for all parties: profitable, trackable results from people that actually enjoy working together for brands worth building.

ROI Focused

Dash Media combines StratOp with experiential exercises and other proven tools to help our clients make decisions for their bottom line. Fortune 500 companies, like Ford and Boeing, have used StratOp over the years for monumental accomplishments.


Now, we adapt the same approach to help clients gain more clarity to make informed decisions while prioritizing their marketing strategies.


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